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November 17, 2019

The Montpelier Development Corporation's new executive director, Lisa Maxwell, officially started her role in Montpelier. She invites local stakeholders to swing by the MDC office at 15 State Street. 

She can be reached by email at director@mdc-vermont.com or phone at 954-830-3466.

MONTPELIER — A revision of Montpelier’s tax stabilization policy has raised concerns about potential conflicts with the city’s newly created Tax Incremental Financing district.

The issue arose at a meeting of City Council Wednesday during discussion about revising the city’s tax stabilization policy.

Review of the tax stabilization policy followed a request by Councilor Ashley Hill some months ago, when she adamantly opposed cit...

MONTPELIER — Nutty Steph’s has embarked on an epic transition as a company that will include opening a new commercial and retail outlet in the Capital City.

The Middlesex-based granola and chocolate company — also noted for its Ceres on a Stick chocolate promo of a new State House statue last year — has become an employee-owned cooperative.

It will open an additional, new 4,400-square-foot facility in the former One More Time se...

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