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Can your business put Montpelier on the map?


Are you looking to locate manufacturing or operation headquarters in a thriving area with access to talent?

Apply for the Business Recruitment Grant today.

Business Recruitment Initiative 

The Montpelier Business Recruitment Initiative is a grant program for businesses that will drive economic growth now and in the future, stimulate commerce and enhance employment opportunities in Montpelier. This effort is aimed at supporting the installation of businesses that will put Montpelier on the map.


These funds are for new or current businesses that will significantly impact the economic outlook for our small City and help to reverse the downturn caused by COVID-19. Current local businesses that are interested in expanding or growing their operations here in Montpelier, and are hoping to recommit to stay here, are also encouraged to apply. BIPOC and women-owned businesses and organizations are strongly encouraged to apply.


Why Montpelier?

Surrounded by green hills, Montpelier's downtown is iconic and vibrant. The Capitol City is home to over 7,500 people, many thriving businesses, wonderful schools and numerous State offices. Montpelier awaits your next business venture.  Applications  to join the Program and be considered for funding will open January 1, 2021 and will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Who can apply?

Businesses that are new to Montpelier or are already here but are looking to expand or grow their company should apply for this grant funding. Priority will be given to women and minority-owned businesses.  

How will grants be decided upon?

A selection committee, made up of members of the Montpelier community and Montpelier Development Corporation will convene to review each application. Grants will be awarded based on a series of criteria that examine the business' overall contribution to Montpelier.

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