make Montpelier
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High-speed broadband, top-rated schools, coffee shops, & restaurants serving local craft beer and farm-to-table food...

This is Montpelier.


A creative business community with wilderness & outdoor recreation at your fingertips, Montpelier is Vermont’s place for entrepreneurs to grow and develop businesses.  With our new "Montpelier Grows" Grant opportunity, there has never been a better time to bring your business, its employees and their families to the capital of Vermont.

Apply for the Montpelier Grows Grant today. 

Montpelier Grows Grant

The "Montpelier Grows" Grant will support new/expanding businesses that drive economic growth,  stimulate commerce and enhance employment opportunities in Montpelier. This effort is aimed at providing support for key businesses that would otherwise not be able to open or expand in Montpelier.

These funds are for entrepreneurial or current businesses that will impact the spirit and economy for the Capital City and beyond. Current local businesses that are interested in investing and expanding their operations here in Montpelier are also encouraged to apply. BIPOC and women-owned businesses and organizations are strongly encouraged to apply.


Why Montpelier?

Surrounded by green hills, Montpelier's downtown is iconic and vibrant. The Capital City is home to many thriving and independent  local, regional and national businesses, wonderful schools and State Government offices. Montpelier is where your next venture will grow.  If you are considering a move from out of state, there are currently incentives available for working remotely in Vermont, so the rest of your family can come along too. Applications to the "Montpelier Grows" Grant are due by November 15, 2021.


Who can apply?

Businesses that are new to Montpelier or are already here but are looking to make significant expansions or growth should apply for this funding. ​​

How will grants be decided upon?

Grants will be awarded based on a series of criteria that examine the business' overall potential contribution to Montpelier.