COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges to our downtown. Montpelier Development Corporation (MDC) firmly believes that our downtown can make it through this. That is why MDC, in partnership with the Montpelier Foundation and area donors, launched the Montpelier Economic Need and Distress (MEND) Program. MEND funding will be dispersed as a grant to local businesses, allowing the money to be spent as needed. At this time, only first floor storefront businesses are eligible for funding. Montpelier Development Corporation encourages businesses to use 85% of funds towards overhead (rent, utilities) and 15% towards physical improvements. Pledges are due by June 5, 2020. If you have questions about the Fund or this pledge, please call (802) 828-7050. By signing this pledge, you commit to contributing to the vibrancy of our community and to operating your business for the foreseeable future as long as it is safe to do so. Take the pledge below:

Take the Pledge to Receive Funding!
Does your business have fewer than 4 locations?


Is my business eligible? 

At this time, only first floor storefront businesses located within the Designated Downtown are eligible. We hope to be able to expand eligibility in the future.

When will I receive funding?

MEND will begin to disperse funds in mid-June. After June 5th, allocation decisions will be made and MEND will reach out with a funding notification letter via email. A check will then be mailed to your business.

How do I apply?

Fill out the pledge above. That's it! MDC/MEND will be in touch soon!

Who created the MEND Fund?

The MEND Fund is the result of the generosity of our founding donors, Vermont Mutual, Union Mutual, National Life Group, Northfield Savings Banks and Noyle W. Johnson. Since its creation, many community members have also contributed to the fund.

Is my business located in the Designated Downtown?

Please refer to the map below. The Designated Downtown is highlighted in yellow.

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