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VTDigger - Montpelier Development Corp. hires Laura Gebhart as executive director

Press release featured on VTDigger.

MONTPELIER, VT. On April 20, 2018, the Montpelier Development Corporation announced the hiring of Laura Gebhart as the Corporation’s Executive Director. Gebhart will be re-locating to Montpelier from Lancaster County, PA where she has been serving as an Economic Development Manager. Gebhart will start work in Montpelier on May 7th.

“Laura Gebhart is a talented and charismatic person with educational and professional experience in the field of economic development,” said Board Chair Michael Nobles. “The other board members and I are excited to work with Gebhart to help implement Montpelier’s Economic Development Strategic Plan, focusing on the growth and sustainability of Montpelier.”

The MDC is an independent non-profit corporation that serves as steward of the Economic Development Strategic Plan for the City of Montpelier. The Economic Development Strategic Plan (EDSP) was created for the City with a goal of positioning Montpelier as a superior quality location for development so that it can increase economic activity and private-sector jobs in the City. To implement the EDSP, the Montpelier Development Corporation was created by act of the Montpelier City Council and the Board of Montpelier Alive (Montpelier’s downtown community association). The MDC’s mission is to build upon the capitol city’s existing strengths as well as identify and facilitate new opportunities in business and housing development.

Reporting to the Board of Directors of the MDC, the MDC Executive Director will work closely with local government, area businesses, and organizations to assist entrepreneurs and already-existing entities to establish, relocate, or expand commercial, industrial, and residential developments within the City of Montpelier.

In addition to Michael Nobles, who serves as Chair of the board, the other board members for the Corporation are Sarah Jarvis (Vice Chair), Cheryl LaFrance (Secretary), Steve Ribolini (Treasurer), Elinor Bacon, Tim Heney, Harrison Kahn, Bill Kaplan, and Robert Kasow.

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