• Laura Gebhart

Important Step for Downtown

On behalf of Montpelier Alive, the Montpelier Business Association, and the Montpelier Development Corporation, we are grateful to the Montpelier City Council for moving forward in the process toward a public vote on a downtown parking garage. The garage will advance many community needs, including a new downtown hotel, affordable housing, and convenient parking for workers, residents, and visitors. The denser parking will provide better access to downtown businesses and enable creative reuse of current on-street and surface parking for more productive uses and pedestrian and bike-friendly amenities. The project sets a precedence for public-private partnerships and the advancement of projects that ensure the continued vibrancy of Montpelier.

Dan Groberg, Executive Director, Montpelier Alive

Sarah DeFelice, President, Montpelier Business Association

Laura Gebhart, Executive Director, Montpelier Development Corporation

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