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VBM: Vermont has the highest rate of moving-in in US

Vermont Business Magazine, 1/2/18 - While Americans are moving westward, flocking to the Mountain and Pacific West and the Northeast and Midwest continue to lose residents, Vermont had the highest rate of in-migration in the nation and was the only state in the Northeast with a positive trend. In 2017, more residents moved out of Illinois than any other state with 63 percent of moves being outbound. Vermont had the highest percentage of inbound migration in 2017 with nearly 68 percent of moves to and from the state being inbound. Those are the results of the United Van Lines' 41st Annual National Movers Study (link is external), which tracks customers' state-to-state migration patterns over the past year.

Vermont has been a top destination state the last four years. Previous to 2014, Vermont had been on the negative side, dating back to the last positive inbound migration in 2001.

Vermont did best with older, somewhat wealthier movers wanting to be near family, looking to retire, seeking a better or healthier lifestyle. Vermont did worse with job seekers, younger and wealthier movers.

As a region, the Mountain West continues to increase in popularity with 54 percent of moves being inbound. The West is represented on the high-inbound list by Oregon (65 percent), Idaho (63 percent), Nevada (61 percent) Washington (59 percent), and Colorado (56 percent). Of moves to Oregon, the highest ranking western state, a new job or company transfer (49 percent) and proximity to family (24 percent) led the reasons for most inbound moves.

The southern states also saw a high number of people moving in with 52 percent of total moves being inbound. United Van Lines found the top reasons for moving south included company transfer/new job, retirement and proximity to family.

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