• Sarah DeFelice, Montpelier Business Association

Letter to the Editor: Support the Parking Garage

It’s disappointing to see that a small minority of residents—in the case of the appeal, 18 people—are attempting to subvert the decisions made through Montpelier’s extensive and open Design Review and Zoning process, and the will of almost 2,500 Montpelier voters who approved the parking garage in November.

Montpelier downtown merchants are united in their unanimous support for the garage and the hotel projects. These projects have been thoroughly vetted and are critically needed to ensure the future viability of our businesses. We cannot survive on resident foot traffic alone; we need visitors to thrive. It’s not just enough to say you’re going to “Buy Local;” Central Vermont residents need to support forward-thinking projects that will ensure the viability of our stores and restaurants for years to come.

Sarah DeFelice, President of the Montpelier Business Association



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