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Letter to the Editor: Really need hotel/parking garage

Instead of praising the Bashara Family for their exemplary ambitions, it seems we're forcing them to shoulder the perverbial Sysiphean boulder once again. On top of that, the mountain keeps getting steeper and higher (think Lucy pulling Charlie Brown's football). Now, it seems there's been some last minute "contaminants" found in the soil ... hmm.

To this old codger, a better future for Montpelier might look something like this: 1) Ample parking would promote shopping in a thriving downtown; 2) Visitors would more enjoy their stay in America's least populated capital city; 3) Yesterday's pipes and today's potholes could be fixed; 4) Quality of life would just get better and better.

This'll only happen if the hotel/parking garage can get started sooner rather than later. Costs of this magnitude soon rise beyond the point of no return. In my farm-trained opinion, it's been "back to the table" enough. It's tried and proven. It's good. Speaking of "farm-training," back in the day we sometimes did things the hard way, well, "just because that's the way we always did 'em!" ... not a good way, folks, for history to repeat itself.

Burr Morse


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