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Letter to the Editor: Drop your appeal

Ask any business owner in town: It’s pretty awesome to own a business in downtown Montpelier. We have great customers like you who shop locally and a supportive mix of fellow business owners (old and new) who are all in it together. It’s a true community.

In overwhelming unanimous support of the hotel and parking structure, we (the business owners of Montpelier) ask that you drop your appeal. It is not only costing taxpayers thousands of dollars in unnecessary legal fees but we fear that if this process continues to drag on, it will ultimately kill the project. It is a shame that 17 people can go against the will of 2,500 residents who approved this project by voting “yes.”

In the fast-paced, ever-changing dynamics of retail, we cannot completely survive on just awesome local customers. We need more people to visit our downtown. We need growth. This project is a positive step in that direction. More downtown parking allows them to come and another hotel will allow them to stay.

If you truly wish to support your merchant community of Montpelier, please drop your lawsuit.

Karen Williams, of Woodbury Mountain Toys; Jess Turner, of Capital Kitchen; Eric Bigglestone, of Capital Stationaries; Kevin Crossett, of Play it Again Sam; Kelly Sullivan, of Splash; Sky Barsch, of Alpenglow; Bob Watson, of 802 Coffee & Capital Grounds; Claire Benedict, of Bear Pond Books; Jennifer Sebold, of Rebel Heart; Mary Kay Blouin, of Delish; Yvonne Baab, of Global Gifts; Sonja Grahn, of Botanica Florals; Lauren Parker, of North Branch Café & Tech Center; Amy Leventhal, of Studio Zenith; Michael Mulcahy, of Marigold; Aly McHugh, of No. 9 Boutique & The Alley; Liz Walsh, of Drawing Board; Sarah DeFelice, of Bailey Road


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