Welcome to Montpelier Program

Comprehensive support,

To start, build or grow your business,

In a beautiful, thriving Vermont town,

With the Welcome to Montpelier Program.

Montpelier Development Corporation, in partnership with Montpelier Alive, announces the Welcome to Montpelier Program. The program provides wraparound support for new businesses, including technical support, promotional opportunities, a business mentor, and special funding opportunities. As part of this program, we are launching the Welcome to Montpelier Grant. Program participants will be eligible to apply for one of five grants of $5,000 each. 























Why Montpelier?

Surrounded by green hills, Montpelier's downtown is iconic and vibrant. The Capitol City is home to over 7,500 people, many thriving businesses, wonderful schools and numerous State offices. Montpelier awaits your next business venture.  Applications  to join the Program and be considered for funding will open January 1, 2021 and will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Who can join the Program?

Any business that is new to Montpelier is eligible to apply for the Welcome to Montpelier Program. We will review all applications and determine how we can best support you, including your eligibility for funding through the Welcome to Montpelier Grant. 

Welcome to Montpelier Grant Information

To be eligible for a Welcome to Montpelier Grant, you must demonstrate the following:

  • You will open your doors in 2021

  • You have a sound business plan 

  • You have a lease signed or a sale under contract for a business space

  • BIPOC and women-owned businesses are strongly encouraged to apply

How will grants be decided upon?

A selection committee, made up of members of the Montpelier community (including representatives from local financial institutions, business owners and Board members from Montpelier Alive and Montpelier Development Corporation) will convene to review each application. Grants will be awarded based on a series of criteria that examine business viability and fit for Montpelier.

When will I receive my award if I am selected?

Once a determination is made, awards will be granted within 7 days. The selection committee will meet monthly to review any applications during 2021. Applications for the Program and Grant will open January 1, 2021 and will be accepted on a rolling basis.

To learn more, join our program and be considered for further funding, please fill out intake form here:

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